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Electrolysis Evening Classes        

Medical Assistant Associate Degree

 Medical Assistant Associate Degree

Massage Therapy

 Massage Therapy 


 Pharmacy Technician


Skin Care Profesional will be able to perform

Skin Care Profesional will be able to perform: 


Acne Treatments

Deep exfoliation

Profesional skin medication application

Anti acne mask treatments

High frequency acne treatment


Back Treatment

Anti Aging Treatment

Anti - Agin Treatment

Acid Exfoliation

Rejuvenation Tretments

Facial Massage

High Frequency Facial Lifting technique

Paraffine Aesthetic  

Hair Removal

Traditional Wax

European Wax

Make Up

Techniques application

Color classification 


Skin Care Program

Skin Care Program at Florida Medical CollegeFlorida Medical College is a licensed school offering Skin Care Program with 260 hours in Florida. This program provides training in aesthetic and skin care, teaching student the biological foundation of the skin and mantain the health of the skin by correct cleansing methods, massage, linfatic drainage and the use of aesthetic machine and cleansing device.

Theory classes in skin care program include: study of the structure of the skin, its functions, to recognize lessions and diseases of the skin. Techniques will be learned for the treatment of problem skin conditions such as oilness, dryness, comodones, acne, discoloration, and scarring.

The students at our Skin Care Program will also become skilled at several cosmetic treatments such as make-up application, color analysis, ear piercing, lash & brow tinting,etc. The skin care program also includes training in body waxing and proper eyebrow tinting,etc. Students will also be taught to adhere to the highest standards of sanitation and cleanliness in maintaining equipment and the enviroment of the salon.

The Skin Care program of Florida Medical College is consisting of 192.5 hours of theory (academic study) and 67.5 hours of hands-on instruction and practice of applied skin care treatments. At the completion of this program, graduates will qualify to apply for State Registration and employment in the beauty field as a an Facial Specialist. A Diploma will be awarded upon graduation from the Skin Care program of Florida Medical College.    


Course Overview at Florida Medical College

Facial Specialist Program

  • HIV 101 Blood Borne Pathogens Training: HIV/AIDS 
  • Florida State Law & Regulations 
  • Skin Theory
  • Basic Dermatology and Skin Disorder
  • Anatomy and Massage Manipulations 
  • Consultations
  • Physiologies and Endocrinology
  • Bacteriology, Sterilization, and Hygiene
  • Chemistry and Proper Use Of Products
  • Hair Removal (body waxing & brow shaping)
  • Make-up Application and Cosmetic Treatments.
  • Electricity, Lighting and Magnification
  • Professional Ethics and Salon Management
  • Applied Clinical Training/Services


Skin Care Professional will be able to perform:  

Acne Treatments:

This procedure include Deep exfoliation, professional skin medication application, anti acne mask treatments. Application of high frequency, extractions and back Treatment

Anti Aging Treatment

The Anti - Aging Treatment include the application of acid exfoliation and other rejuvenation tretments. Facial Massage, application of high frequency as facial Lifting technique and paraffine aesthetic  

Hair Removal:

Traditional Wax nd European Wax

Make Up

Techniques application and color classification 

Others Courses at Florida Medical College: