Diploma Courses



260 HOURS. 192.5 Theory and 67.5 hours practice

TUITION $2080.00



320 CLOCK HOUR. Inlcuded 120 lecture and 200 practice hour

TUITION $3790.00



Skin Care Course 260 Hours at Florida Medical College This program provides training in aesthetics and skin care teaching students the biological foundations of the skin and to maintain the health of the skin by correct cleansing methods, massage, and the use of machines for deep cleansing. At the end of the course students will become as Facial Specialist and can obtain a license to work in Florida. At the completion of this program, graduates will qualify to apply for state registration and employment in the beauty and aesthetic field as a facial specialist



Electrolysis Diploma Course At Florida Medical CollegeThis program is designed to train students in permanent hair removal by Electrolysis.  The courses are designed to become the students as electrologist thorough entry-level preparation to work in the field of hair removal with tha application of Electrolisys or Laser Hair Removal when requirements are completed. Florida Medical College is a Florida Approved Electrolysis Training School by the Electrolysis Council of Florida.