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At Florida Medical College, we believe that with God all things are Possible. Here are at Florida Medical College our goal is to propose a different kind of education "Developing Character, Talents and Gift" in our students. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our students graduate and succeed in their chosen field, which is why we are determined to help you achieve your goals.

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Medical Assistant School in Florida

Classes of Medical Assistant College ProgramFlorida Medical College is open registration every month for associate degree course in Medical Assistant. To obtain an associate degree in Medical Assistant students shave to reach  91 credit hours, after 1340 clock hours.This programs

The medical assistants is “A professional multiskilled person dedicated to assisting in all aspects of medical practice under the direct supervision and responsibility of a physician.”

The Medical Assistant working in medical clinic can perform multiples task that include: assist phyician during examinations of patiens, administer basic first aid, complete dialysis procedures, administer medication, and perform administrative tasks. Also the graduate medical assistant can operate medical equipment in the practice. Also at Florida Medical College we help the students to initiate a new future in aesthetic practice, we are offering special program for students who want to work at the aesthetic practice performing laser hair removal or another procedures in the aesthetic field.

Medical Assistant graduates from Florida Medical College can become as Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) through our short time course acquiring knowledge that will help them to initiate new future in scientific research and a medicl assistant graduated form this Medical Assistant School  be able to work on research place or clinical sites helping qualified professionals to acomplish significant discoveries, or developing clinical trial.