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Phlebotomy Certification Course


TPhlebotomy Certification course in Miami at Florida Medical Collegehe Phlebotomy Certification Training Course at Florida Medical College in Miami requires a total of 120 hours divided into 30 hours of healthcare worker basics as a previous requirement and 90 clock hours of phlebotomy.

General requirements are:

  • High school graduate, or possess a GED (or equivalent).
  • 40 hours of didactic (classroom) training.
  • 40 hours of practical (clinical) training.
  • Supervised proof of 50 venipunctures and 10 skin punctures.
  • Obtain a satisfactory evaluation at the end of the course (pass written exam).

Prerequisite –30 clock hours of Healthcare Worker Basics.


Knowledge of the health care delivery system and health occupations, oral and written communications skills, professional ethics and legal responsibilities, understanding the concept of applying wellness and diseases concepts, emergency situations response, infection control, employability skills, resume writing, blood-borne disease, four hour of HIV/AIDS training, basic math skills, critical thinking skills and leadership skills within the health team.  (3 credit hours/).


Phlebotomy Course Description:

This course requires a total of 90 clock hours (40 Hours Lab)that may be applied as 7 credit hours for any Associate Degree in Science of this School such as Medical Assistant, Massage Therapy and Pharmacy Technician courses.

 Students will learn the relation of phlebotomy to the healthcare setting, the anatomic structure and function of body systems in relation to services performed by a phlebotomist, identify collection reagents supplies, equipment and interfering chemical substances, knowledge of skills to perform phlebotomy, infection control following universal precautions, the process of collecting specimens, quality assurance in phlebotomy, using the correct equipment for blood drawing, performing the correct procedures to collect a blood sample and making a blood smear.  

Phlebotomy for EstheticianPhlebotomy for Esthetician

If you are esthetician looking for improving your knowledge and skill in the Phlebotomy area, with this course you will have the opportunity to learn venipuncture and micro-collection techniques in a safe setting and receive a special preparation for the phlebotomy certification exam. Estheticians need a phlebotomy certification to collect and processing a blood sample to apply a platelet-rich plasma procedure as part of the facial skin rejuvenation treatment. The phlebotomy certification offering by Florida Medical College includes the experience in how to train and teaching both field Medical and Aesthetic practice.

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