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At Florida Medical College, we believe that with God all things are Possible. Here are at Florida Medical College our goal is to propose a different kind of education "Developing Character, Talents and Gift" in our students. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our students graduate and succeed in their chosen field, which is why we are determined to help you achieve your goals.

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Nursing Esthetician


Nursing Esthetician in Florida Medical College is a 340 hours course that includes 260 hours from Skin Care Program and 80 hours for Nursing Esthetician Certification. This Program is for those Register Nurse with active license that desire to work in the aesthetic field performing skin care and cosmetic non-surgical procedures in compliance with Florida Regulation. This course is offering full or part time in English and Spanish. At the end of the course graduate obtain the Skin Care Diploma and Nursing Esthetician Certification and may to register the facial specialist license in Florida. The curriculum of the course is according to the practice of Nursing Esthetician with lecture and practice class that include skin care analysis using the latest technology for skin analysis and other techniques like anti-aging procedures, devices with light based technologies, microneedles, chemical peel, microdermabrasion techniques, among other.