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At Florida Medical College, we believe that with God all things are Possible. Here are at Florida Medical College our goal is to propose a different kind of education "Developing Character, Talents and Gift" in our students. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our students graduate and succeed in their chosen field, which is why we are determined to help you achieve your goals.

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Medical Assistant Esthetician Course

Florida Medical College is a Medical and Aesthetic College dedicated to prepare an integrated professional who can serve people in multiple areas. In the Program offered it has been contemplated the educational requirements to obtain knowledge and skill to assist aesthetic physicians, surgeon and Nurse practitioners by the medical assistant in the medical aesthetic practice. In addition to recieve an intensive skin care training that includes the advances of facial treatments and how to use the latest treatment protocols. If you want to become a specialized Medical Assistant in the aesthetic field and also you want to obtain the license and certification needed by Florida Law, these course is created for you.

You may enroll anytime in the Medical Esthetician course at Florida Medical College if you have a High School Diploma or you are a Foreing Medical Graduate without license in Florida or any State.  If you already have the certification and license as Facial Specialist, and you want to become a Medical Assistant Esthetician you need to enroll in the Medical Assistant Program and as well as the Intensive skin care course of 60 hours. In the case you are a Medical Assistant graduate and want to become a Medical Assistant Esthetician you require to obtain the Diploma and license of Facial Specialist and pass satisfactory the advanced intensive skin care course. If you already have both certification Medical Assistant and Facial Specialist you only need to take the Advance Esthetic Course, that is an intensive skin care course offering in 60 hours a concentrate knowledge about the Skin, the aging process, the therapeutic advance in the skin care treatment, the use of appropiate devices and other.


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