Web Designer in the Aesthetic Practice

How to get and stay in Google Preferred results 

To be and stay competitive nowdays internet essential and can help us in many ways to lift opportunities beyond our own expectations, requieres only a good orientation about concepts and tools already available. This brief presentation will give you the essential to start building a successful business website in any field but focus on Medical and Aesthetic practices or Spa office.

Professional marketing Strategies and Website Optimization

  • Introduction to Content Management Programs (software's) Layouts, configurations ans templates optimization
  • Setup for Medical and Aesthetic Business
  • Title, Content and Keywords
  • Images management
  • Extensions (Components, Modules, Plus-ins)

Marketing essential for Websites

  • Main Directories and Search Engines Business vocabulary
  • Content development for websites 
  • Link building
  • Copyright Rules
  • Security Rules
  • Standard Industry Practice

Results Gages

  • Free and Pay Tools
  • Sitemaps
  • Indexin