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Low Level Laser (Cold Laser)


Low level laser therapy training course in Miami FloridaThe use of laser light is one the most convenient technology to treat different disorders, and this technology is applying through diverse devices with specifics characteristics. According to this characteristics and the power the device used, laser light waves may penetrate the skin with no heating effect, no damage to skin & no side effects when device used it is manipulated by a certified technician. Multiple studies have been demonstrated that laser light directs biostimulation light energy to the body’s cells which convert into chemical energy to promote natural healing & pain relief. FDA has approved the use of low lever laser as a type of treatment for pain management.

Florida Medical College is offering a certification course in the use of low level laser therapy for pain and others condition.

This course is for participants in medical professional field like MD, DO, ARNP, Chiropractor and licensed technician in massage therapy, register nurse, electrologist, Medical Assistant Esthetician, and others. Participants should review the regulation of their respective State or Countries where they plan to perform this type of treatments. Training certification in low level laser therapy open the door for a new type of services approved by FDA and demanded for people in pain



Lower back pain treated with LLT