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Pharmacy Technician Associate Degree

The Pharmacy Technician program course graduates students as Pharmacy Management with an Associate Degree in Science.  The Pharmacy Management associate degree program in Miami provides students with the knowledge and technical skills required to pursue entry-level positions at the pharmaceutical field, and prepare the graduate for license examination. Florida Medical College is a Pharmacy School in Miami with Associate Degree Program and provides both technical and practical training in pharmacy that will enable the technician, upon certification, licensure or registration to function as a competent entry-level pharmacy technician to the licensed pharmacist.

This Pharmacy Management associate degree program can open the door to all sorts of new opportunities and its the first step to work in pharmacy industry and prepared students interested in going on to Doctor of Pharmacy to start it on. This program prepares our students to work in a pharmacy setting, hospital, clinical or retail pharmacy. At Florida Medical College our students be ready also to pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) in order to obtain the Florida License.

When you study Pharmacy Technician associate in medical science at Florida Medical College you will acquire all the skills needed in a career as Pharmacy Technician. At Florida Medical College, Pharmacy Management Associate Degree Program assists you to learn these skills rapidly and opportunely.

Pharmacy Technician at Florida Medical College

This program is licensed by The Commission for Independent Education of Florida. This course is starting every month, with morning and afternoon sessions.

Our basic module courses for starting associate degree course is common for all associate degree program develop at Florida Medical College and include:

•College Algebra

•College Composition

•Communication Skills

•Human Biology

•Health Care Worker Ethic

Start a rewarding career in the growing field of Pharmacy Management!

Why do you need a Associate Degree in Pharmacy Management at Florida Medical College? You need to learn how to classified drugs, perform ethically correct manners while working at a medical dispensary drugs store and many other skills that will make suitable to manage successfully a pharmacy store.

The Pharmacy Program teaches students the planning, management, finance, technical and production skill labor issue, community issue, and health, environmental issue, medical terminiology, pharmaceutical compounding, medicinal drugs, sterile techniques, IV Preparation, safety, and others important actions in pharmacy setting, in hospital or retail pharmacy.

At Florida Medical College, the requirements to obtain an Associate Degree in Pharmacy Management is to achieve 101 credit hours after 1340 clock hours. 

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