Massage Therapy College Program

Florida Medical College is a massage therapy school with an Associate Degree Program approved by the Commission for Independent Education of Florida and the Board of Massage. We are located in Miami with open registration every month. Credits or transcripts from previous schools are accepted.

Florida Medical College Massage Therapy Associate Degree Program provides the students with the knowledge and skills required to qualify for employment as an entry level massage therapist. We also provide with the knowledge and techniques to help problems such as neck, back sciatic pain, relaxation, stress reduction and muscle spams.

Massage Therapy Associate Degree Program at Florida Medical College a Massage therapy School in Miami FloridaAt Florida Medical College the students in our associate degree massage therapy program have the opportunity to observe, assist learn and perform massage services with emphasis on the transition from student to professional and preparer them to pass the state Board and National Certification Exam for licensure as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Our training program is client centered and also includes massage practicum, hydrotherapy, spa tecniques, muscular activity, and mechanics of body movements. In the Massage Therapy Program the most common pathologies and diseases, sport massage, massage law, business practices, and the most current allied modalities are included.

Graduates have the opportunities to specialize in other aesthetic procedures of body treatment in the aesthetic practice, such as Radiofrequency and cavitation, body wrapping, microdermabrasion and apply for skin care license and register a body wrapping license in the State of Florida.

Massage Therapy School in Miami FloridaTo obtain a Massage Therapy Associate Degree at Florida Medical College the requierements are a total of 90.5 credit hours that is, 1300 clock hours. Classes are offered in the morning and evening and students should assists by module classes. Basic module is common for all associate degree programs that begin monthly.

Basic module include: College ALgebra, English Composition, General Psychology, Computer Literacy, Effective Communication, and Human Biology with a total of 24 credit hours and 240 clock hours.

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School of Massage Therapy in Miami Florida with College Program                   Body Wrapping as part of Massage Therapy School College Program


Schedule of Classes of Massage Therapy at Florida Medical College a Massage Therapy School in Miami with College Program