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Medical Esthetician Certification

Medical esthetician certification for skin care specialist

Become a Medical Esthetician at Florida Medical College in the certification course that prepares professionals to provide skin care treatments and medical care services in the healthcare system. At the end of the course participants may help patients with skin disorders, aging signs, skin traumas or other skin conditions as part of the team of plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatologist or any other practitioner in the medical and aesthetic field. 

The term medical esthetician it’s a controversial term and could be confusing to the client because it can create false expectations about the type of professional qualification of the beautician, but as a simple concept the medical esthetician is the skin care specialist or facial specialist who may work in the medical care providing skin care treatment and some medical procedures for which the medical esthetician has been prepared. 

Florida Medical College has developed the Medical Esthetician certification course as result of the demand existing on cosmetic surgery Clinics, medical spa, dermatology clinics and some units where the medical and aesthetic practices are offering for those licensed esthetician who desired to increase their knowledge and feel a real passion to help people in needed. The program of this course required some steps to obtain certain qualification as phlebotomist and electrocardiograph certification and an intensive preparation in advanced esthetic. If participants are obtained some of this certification previously may access directly to the esthetic advanced course.


1.- Be licensed Esthetician (Facial Specialist).

2.- Active certification as Phlebotomy Technician.

3.- Graduate as Electrocardiograph technician (EKG).

Applicants who need to complete one or more requirements may apply at Florida Medical College for the appropiate course to qualify. Medical Esthetician curriculum includes 60 hours of Phlebotomy and 40 hours of EKG and students should participate in the National Certification Exam for both programs Phlebotomy and EKG to obtain a National Certificate. This certification is a proof of your professionalism and knowledgeable in the medical and esthetic field and give the graduate more opportunities to work helping Aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dermatologist and other physicians dedicated to the practices of Aesthetic Medicine performing multiples procedures at MedSpa, Clinics, Aesthetic practices among others.  

If you want to become a Medical Esthetician, Florida Medical College the Aesthetic Medical College of Miami has a special certification course for those skin care specialist or esthetician who wish to increase knowledge and develop skill in the medical care and aesthetic practices. As state-licensed facial specialist you will learn how to reduce and treat the aging sign and make any correction applying the latest aesthetic technologies and unique and personal protocols to help people whose some illness, injuries or surgery that have been affected their appereance as part of the rehabilitation process. The skin type and classification of the skin, aging signs in relation to the skin rejuvenation procedures, acne treatment, and different types of the skin lessions are included in the syllabus of the course.

Medical Esthetician Certification for unlicensed Esthetician

Florida Medical College is a licensed School in Florida teaching a Skin Care Program of 260 hours approved by the Commission for Independent Education and the Cosmetology Board of Florida. This program allow you to become a Facial Specialist and provides training in aesthetic procedures and skin care treatment. Program provides many opportunities to work and teaching students the biological foundation of the skin and mantain the health of the skin by correct cleansing methods, massage, linfatic drainage and the use of aesthetic machine and cleansing device.

Licensed Esthetician may become a Medical Esthetician at Florida Medical College after complete all the previous steps and pass satisfactorily the 60 hours course of advanced esthetic.  Medical Esthetician are trained to work in those practices offering medical procedures and non surgical procedures that require the monitoring of heart function or a blood collection for laboratory testing or for apply Platelet Rich Plasma on the skin. The application of the most relevant protocols for skin care and antiaging procedures are included as part of the curriculum of this course.



Become a Medical Esthetician at Florida Medical College in Miami                                                      Those who start in the aesthetics area without prior knowledge can begin applying for the skin care course, but if you already are a Skin Care Specialist or licensed Esthetician (Facial Specialist) you may become a Medical Esthetician after completed the following program:

 . - Phlebotomy Certification class

 . - EKG Certification class 

. - Advanced Esthetic course (60 hours)