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Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification

Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification on Florida            Medical Assistant Dermatology Certification in Miami

Medical Assistant Dermatology certification was designed for those students with a passion in patient care involving skin problems or dermatological conditions.  A Medical Assistant Dermatology may perform diverse tasks & operate medical equipment in the practice as well.  Most equipment requires certain knowledge and skills in the medical field and the aesthetic practice. The Medical Assistant Dermatology requires special training to be in compliance with all requirements and regulations in Dermatology Clinics. 
Florida Medical College has a special Certification program for those Medical Assistants who want to obtain a Medical Assistant Dermatology certification.  The training course will prepare and educate students on everyday situations as well as introduce them to all the new developing technologies in Dermatology clinics.  The course also includes basic knowledge of skin care and certification of 30 hours in laser hair removal to perform laser hair removal and any light based procedures in compliance with Florida law.


      Medical Assistant Dermatology in laser training

If you are Medical Assistant and want to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology to work at a Dermatology Clinic, Medical Spa or at any medical aesthetic practice Florida Medical College is offering a training course in Miami to acquire the skill and knowledge to perform the procedures and all activities needed and according with you scope.

The training to become a Medical Assistant Dermatology include medical terminology concerning around dermatology and esthetic, as well developing skill and use of medical instrumental, supplies and equipment into  the practices, and preparing patients or clients for different procedures or laboratory test.

Laser Hair Removal certification is part of our curriculum for a medical assistant dermatology because it is a common procedure into the medical spa or derma-esthetic practice, but in the case of State of Florida this certification require another qualification. To obtain the qualification in laser, if the Medical Assistant Dermatology intended to work in Florida is required to pass a board exam from Electrolysis Council and get the laser certification.

Medical Assistant Dermatology Classes